Client T. Y.

Thank you for your support at that traffic accident.


I had a traffic accident at the middle of  my commuting when I came to Mexico from Japan I had just been half year in Mexico, so I could not understand Spanish.


Because you helped me at that time, I was not too late to arrive at my office.


You called police quickly.  You understood my explanation of  this accident by my English.  You explained  to police and insurance about this accident in Spanish.


Therefore, all my damage was accepted them.


If I had been just by myself, and because I can not speak Spanish, I would not have been able to make a report quickly and would have spent  a lot of time at that place.


Althogh the accident was unlucky, it was very happy for me that you helped me.


I recommend this system that Archangel is promoting related to emergency response support for everybody. It is useful for us, specially foreign people.


Thank you for your support!

Client B. F.

My family wants to thank you so much for your support on Friday night!  If you would not have been there, things would have been much more difficult and likely would have been a much linger process.


I would like to recommend Archangel and the service that he is promoting related to emergency response support.  I was not a member of his service at the time of my accident, however I was very fortunate that he just happened to be at the restaurant near the accident site that night.


This service (for Expatriates) would be extremely helpful and comforting for everyone.  Being in a foreign country, not speaking the language, not being familiar with certain areas or roads, are big concerns that "new" (less than 1 or 2 years in the country) Expats deal with.  In an emergency situation, having local support that speaks your native language would be extremely helpful.  In some circumstances it could be critical related to safety and treatment of injuries etc.

My family truly thanks Archangel for his support that evening.